F'SATI and Industry collaborations


F’SATI is considered a national asset that contributes to the creation of knowledge and the transfer of technology in South Africa by establishing collaboration with other higher education and research institutes.

The graduate programmes that have been put in place offer students the opportunity to become versatile professionals in the course of their careers. Since its inception, F’SATI has contributed considerably to increasing the capacity of students from previously disadvantaged groups. Through the collaboration with partner French universities, F’SATI students are exposed to international levels of expertise and standards at the Master’s and Doctorate Level.

F’SATI has the following aims:

  • To provide: industry with highly skilled technical manpower in the domain of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, especially in the fields of Telecommunication, the Enabled Environment, Power Engineering, and Satellite Engineering;
  • To enhance: the scientific and technical level of the University of Technology system through the collaboration in research and through staff development;
  • To provide: high quality technical and relevant graduate programmes that address the Human Capital Development needs of the country;
  • To develop: an International network through links between South African companies and institutions and their French counterparts;
  • To support students in a holistic way by providing them with continuous guidance, peer reviews, dedicated post graduate space, and mechanisms for financial support.

Having close relation with the industry has always been a strong constituent of FSATI who is continuously looking for partners to expand its critical work and extend the considerable gains it has made in providing highly-skilled graduate manpower and specialist research in the key developmental areas of Telecommunications, Energy and Industrial Power Systems, Space Technologies and the Enabled Environment.

Partnerships Opportunities

Partners have various options for support based on the Institute objectives as outlined above and on  partner’s requirements.


Professionals have invaluable experience and expertise that they can share with the students during interactive seminars with the F'SATI students.

Graduate Bursaries and Scholarships

Competitive bursaries are imperative to create incentives for students to continue their studies at the graduate level. Bursaries are a necessary component for supporting students that would otherwise be drawn to employment opportunities.

Research funding

The development of students and university research projects require setting up research facilities. This is imperative to ensure the necessary evolution of the training facilities needed  for the up-to-date platforms in support of industry needs.

Institute Donation

A donation will allow the institute to continue to invite French and South African experts to come and share their skills in the training of South African students and the joint supervision at the Doctoral level.

Benefits to Partners

Support to F’SATI participates to the expansion of the critical pool of postgraduate engineering graduates and the promotion of research that benefits the engineering sector and contributes towards human capital development.

  • F’SATI and its founding members will acknowledge scholarships donors.
  • Donor partners will have the opportunity to engage with their bursary students and recruit from those who form part of research teams working in their fields of interest.
  • Partners in consultation with research teams will direct the research according to industry needs and fields of interest.
  • Seminars offered by the French guests experts will be opened to F’SATI partners.

All donations to the F’SATI programmes through the Universities of Technology are tax deductible in accordance with Section 18A of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962.